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Perfectionism Breeds Procrastination

My first post… beginning a blog as part of a business website has been a little stressful. I admit this, fully aware I will laugh later at all the pressure I have put on myself. Earlier this year, I revamped the original 2016 AudacityLife website (a WIX site) with the help of an awesome web designer, Jen Chapman, & her developer, Pete Gryschuk. This talented pair supported & encouraged me to a new level of online professionalism, to say the least. *However, new levels in life can be scary.


This process has highlighted for me the fact that perfectionism breeds procrastination. If you’re anything like me & you stop to think about that last sentence for a second, I’m sure you will agree. I tend to put off the projects that are most important to me… the projects I want to do really well… & the projects that others will see… because I know they will be hard, time consuming, & I fear not being able to meet my own high standard.


It’s time to dive in, make mistakes, & do what I came for, which is to teach & inspire others about all things health & nutrition.


Love & health to all,

Melissa K. Doosing, MSN

Portland, OR

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  1. Kathie on October 29, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    So true! We always put off what we are afraid we can’t make perfect!

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